WBA Travel Tryout Process

The WBA  Boys & Girls Travel Basketball Program tryouts will be conducted in the Fall for Grades 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8 for the upcoming season. To better inform you, and bring some clarity to the planned tryout process, the following information is formatted in a “Question & Answer” format for your review.


What is the Travel Basketball Program tryout schedule?

20 tryout sessions are required to perform the Travel Program tryout process

The tryout schedule starts in September

The tryout schedule concludes with the last tryout in October

Each grade in both the Boys & Girls Program are scheduled for 2 tryout sessions to complete the process.

After Session 1, either all players will participate in the final session OR players will be invited back with the results posted on the WBA website.

After Session 2, the players earning a team roster position are posted


When will the teams be determined?

The A, B, and where applicable C Teams will be determined after Final Session in all grades.


What if a player is injured and cannot attend a Fall tryout session?

The injured player procedure remains unchanged from prior years.

The player must register on-line and fill out the portion that addresses the injured player procedure. The registrant must check the box that signifies they are injured and cannot attend a tryout. In addition, the registrant must detail the nature of the injury, and the expected return to regular activity date.  When the player is released for regular activity, a tryout opportunity will be afforded to the player.


When will the coaches be determined?

The final selection of coaches will take place after the final rosters have been established for each grade. This will occur in October after the final team rosters have been determined.


The WBA is committed to and has placed priority on providing increasing value for the particpants in both our In-Town & Travel Programs.


Thanks in advance for all of your support –

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